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Birdview Skylights

Birdview Skylights

Birdview Skylights
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Skylights are an excellent way to bring light and beauty into a building.


Birdview Skylights has over 30 years of experience manufacturing top-quality skylights for commercial and residential buildings. Their product offerings come in a variety of colors, glazings, and styles, including impact-resistant skylights for fall protection.

Types of Skylights

Birdview Skylights are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any building type and need. If requested, Birdview Skylights also manufactures skylights in custom shapes, sizes, and colors. Impact Resistant Skylights meet strict structural integrity standards to prevent roof workers and other individuals from breaking through the skylight in case of a fall.


Skylight Information Downloads

Metal Roof Retrofits

Replacing leaky, damaged, or outdated skylights can provide better safety, more light, and a longer life for your roof. Retrofit Metal Roof Skylights are simple to install on existing roofs to replace old fiberglass lighting panels.


Twin Wall Polycarbonate skylights come with retrofit metal roof flashing that can be formed to just about any metal roof. Download the brochure to learn more.

Technical Data Bulletin

Curious about how much visible light and solar radiation are transmitted through different colored skylight materials? View technical data on Birdview Skylights’ glass and acrylic glazing options by downloading the bulletin below.

Where to Purchase Birdview Skylights

At Great Lakes Roofing Solutions, our specialty is connecting contractors, architects, and building owners with the finest manufacturers of high-quality roofing products. To purchase Birdview Skylights, give us a call, and we’ll happily assist you in selecting the right skylight system for your construction project or retrofit.

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